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W3C Workshop 'The Multilingual Web – The Way Ahead'

  • 07/03/2012

15-16 March 2012, Luxembourg

The MultilingualWeb project is looking at best practices and standards related to all aspects of creating, localizing and deploying the Web multilingually. Coordinated by W3C, the project aims to raise the visibility of existing best practices and standards and identify gaps. This fourth workshop in Luxembourg, will be hosted by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission.

After the keynote speech, each main session on the first day will contain a series of 15 minute talks followed by some time for questions and answers. On the second day, the workshop will last for the morning only, and will be dedicated to an Open Space discussion forum, where participants can discuss the themes of the workshop in breakout sessions. This will be facilitated by TAUS. All attendees participate in all sessions.

A first draft of the program can be found at After the event this page will link to slides, IRC logs and video recordings for each speaker.

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