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News! Opening of Benelux W3C Office

6 May 2002: W3C has recently opened the Benelux W3C Office. This new office is an extension to the whole Benelux of the activities of the current Dutch W3C Office hosted by the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam. The initiative to open the new office results from the W3C policy to open offices in more countries and, if possible, to regionalise activities of existing offices to other countries. The W3C event, that takes place in Brussels on 3 juni 2002 in the context of the "W3C Interop Tour", also marks the occasion of the opening of the Benelux W3C Office.

The goal of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential. The W3C is an international industrial consortium, with more than 500 member organizations and a staff of 60 persons, spread all over the world. They drive the development of specifications and software for the WWW through more than 20 different "activities" of the consortium.

Member organizations of the W3C have an access to the detailed member information pages on the W3C website, where the most recent techniques in the area of the World Wide Web are discussed. This platform is aimed primarily at Web developers. Members can also influence the future standards of the Web and participate at the meeting organized by the W3C for the members. Furthermore, the World Wide Web Consortium also informs the general public through its public web pages. This information is also useful for end users.

The Benelux W3C Office is a regional contact point for the W3C activities in the Benelux. It is one of the many national offices of the W3C, which also operate, among others, in Germany, Italy, Israel, Hong-Kong, Sweden, or the United Kingdom. The national W3C offices make it sure that the W3C and its specifications become known in these countries, too. Furthermore, the office forwards any local feedback to the W3C. The geographic spread of offices ensures that the WWW becomes really accessible for the whole world.

In particular, the Benelux W3C office:

The offices also stimulate the local industry to acitively participate in the developement of Web technologies. This participation is of a great importance for the Benelux industry.