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Joining W3C

Why join? Because you want to be the first to access information on a specific technology. Because you want to gain a better understanding of the technical details through a first-hand contact with the experts. Because you want to influence the technical evolution of the web through your vote, through your proposals to the W3C, through your participation in the working group. Because you care that your product, your presence on the web would be truly international, would reach persons with various disabilities, would respect privacy issues, and you want to know how to achieve that, and you may want to share your experience. Read also the Prospectus of the W3C, and also the press releases!
Membership in W3C is open to all types of organizations. This includes commercial, educational and governmental entities. Members may be either for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. W3C does not have a class of membership tailored to, or priced for individuals. However, an individual who wishes to join as an Affiliate Member may do so. Our processes are designed for organizational participation, and we do not have the support structure to handle large numbers of individual members.
For more details and the application process itself, see the central information page on joining W3C. You might also want to look at the "Process document" of the W3C, which describes the way W3C operates in more details.